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The Kilowatts for Education distance learning program Real Kids Doing Real Science builds on the Kilowatts for Education's overall consortium partnerships through the following.

Each Consortium Member with Renewable Energy installed will offer the following on their site specific Kilowatts for Education Website:

• Real time and historic data of turbine performance and site weather conditions.

• Real time and historic data of the sites’ other renewable energy and sustainability initiatives performance.

• Links to live high resolution real time camera feeds.

• Time lapse photo sequences of the turbine construction.

• Project backgrounds and overviews.

• Project news.

• Donor information.

• Project related event schedules.

• Ability to drive local museum style kiosks and interactive.


In addition the Kilowatts for Education website will provide the following to all:

• Cross-links to useful resource sites.
• Links to joining the consortium. Shared curriculum resources.
• Cross-links to all the other project partner sites and data streams. (This will include participants, partners and donors.)