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Offer a tremendous opportunity for educational institutions through the use of renewable energy projects to offset their power use with a sustainable and responsible resource while educating their students on the benefits of renewable energy.

In addition Consortium Members will benefit further through the following:

  • •  A true investment for educational institutions and their communities to offset their long term operating costs and thus save public tax dollars.

  • •  Educational opportunities for students and the general public on renewable energy.

  • •  Educate tomorrow’s renewable energy workforce in this guaranteed growth industry.

Through collaboration, educational institutions will efficiently share curriculum and other educational resources hence enhancing the impacts of their respective renewable energy educational goals within the realities of their limited staff and other resources. Educational institutions will bring projects to fruition more efficiently, with greater velocity and in a replicatable way thus receiving the benefits of economies of scale in purchasing, service and warranty for their projects.

Educational institutions can work with entities in a more unified and efficient way to break down the barriers to practical, speedy, efficient and cost effective implementation of renewables for their institutions, as well as the other entities to follow in their footsteps.

Is your educational institution interested in joining the consortium or do you have a project that you would like to have considered for this or future project rounds?
If so contact us.